May 16, 2019 / by Autodr

Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle Market ‘On The Rise’

You may well have already considered looking into alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) to help protect the planet, with so much talk going on these days about climate change and global warming.

It does all make for very concerning reading indeed so we wouldn’t be surprised if you did decide to ditch petrol or diesel models in favour of a hybrid or electric car.

Figures from the Union of Concerned Scientists show that in the US, cars and trucks combined make up almost one-fifth of the country’s emissions, putting out about 24 pounds of CO2 and other gases that contribute to global warming for every 4.5 litres of fuel.

And the transportation sector as a whole (not just cars and trucks but planes, ships, trains and freight) is responsible for almost 30 per cent of all global warming emissions in the US, more than nearly any other industry.

That’s why it’s so heartening to hear news from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders that although the UK’s new car market dropped by -4.1 per cent in April, the AFV market saw registrations rise by 12.7 per cent.

Petrol electric hybrids were found to be the most popular choice for motorists, climbing 31.1 per cent, while battery electric cars saw a strong uptick as well, climbing from 929 to 1,517 units (although this does still only represent 0.9 per cent of the market).

That being said, zero emission-capable plugin hybrids saw a real drop, down -34.4 per cent in April and -20.4 per cent in the year to date. But manufacturers are now making big investments to bring such cars to market and there are now 40 plugin models available in showrooms, so now it’s more a matter of building up confidence in the sector in order to help it reach meaningful levels.

“While it’s great to see buyers respond to the growing range of pure electric cars on offer, they still only represent a tiny fraction of the market and are just one of a number of technologies that will help us on the road to zero. The industry is working hard to deliver on this shared ambition, providing ever cleaner cars to suit every need.

“We need policies that help get the latest, cleanest vehicles on the road more quickly and support market transition for all drivers. This includes investment in infrastructure and long term incentives to make new technologies as affordable as possible,” SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said.

If you’re keen to invest in an electric car or similar but have reservations about finding yourself stranded somewhere with a flat battery, note that the RAC has just devised an EV Boost system, a lightweight mobile electric vehicle charger that can give cars a power boost from one of the organisation’s roadside rescue vans.

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